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March 1-7, 2012



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After waiting patiently for seven days, the clouds over Fairbanks, Alaska finally cleared on the night of February 28/29 and the aurora appeared over Chena Hot Springs. Temperatures were approximately 20-25 below zero (F)--we don't know exactly because the thermometer froze at 20 below--and the wind-chill made it seem something like -40F.

While the auroral display wasn't as spectacular as some have experienced lately, it was the first I was able to show to the tour group I was leading.  Of course I'd like to shoot more dramatic displays, I particularly enjoy shooting low-level auroras because they appear in images much like they do to the human eye... as does this one.

Our 2013 journey to Alaska will be from March 18-26.. Details will be released soon but, since this trip will occur near the maximum activity of the sun (Solar Max), it's sure to be very popular.  You can get your name on the list now by calling  so be sure to call ahead  at 877-707-7827 or by e-mail (

   Date / Time:  February 28/29, 2012 / 00:45:20 AST
   Photo Details:  Nikon D700, AF-S Nikkor 14-24 f/2.8G ED lens at 14mm, ISO 1250, 13 sec. at f/3.5
   Processing Details:  Photoshop CS2
   Location:  Chena Hot Springs Resort, Fairbanks, Alaska, USA


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