S K Y S C A P E S   G A L L E R Y

For those who love the serene beauty of the sky, the images of SkyScapes represent the best of the best, compiled over the past few decades of Dennis Mammana's journeys around our planet.  All evoke a sense of wonder, and all will make you view the heavens differently than ever before.

All images on this site are
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Aurora Borealis
Between Earth and Space
Twilight Zone
Cosmic Neighbors
Starry Night
Celestial Shadows
 Some Recent Images

This Gallery is presently being updated and new images will be online during the Autumn of 2013.   Thank you for your patience!



Dennis is an invited member of TWAN (The World at Night)―a team of the most highly-acclaimed night sky photographers on the planet.  Under the auspices of Astronomers Without Borders, TWAN's task is to produce and present a collection of stunning photographs of the world's most beautiful and historic sites against the nighttime backdrop of stars, planets and celestial events.